Discover Vimmia X.

01 Promotes better skin thermoregulation.

Thermoregulation is the process that allows the human body to maintain its core internal temperature by balancing both heat gain and heat loss. During activity, when the demand of body temperature regulation is highest, the cardiovascular system can become burdened by variations in external temperature. Exercising in heated environments can lead to a rapid increase in body temperature, making effective thermoregulation a necessity. Alternatively, in cold environments, the ability to retain body temperature may become compromised and heat may escape too quickly.

VIMMIA X garments are made with state of the art technological yarn that has been proven to show higher thermal efficiency and better thermal homogenization than garments made with polyester or nylon, helping an individual avoid the pitfalls stated above.

02 Comfort in motion.

VIMMIA X garments offer the same benefits of Vimmia’s compression leggings (i.e., compression, 4-way stretch, moisture wicking, high denier allow for superior snap back, etc.). In addition, the construction of the yarn itself, coupled with the temperature homogeneity, keeps you cooler in warmer temperature and warmer in cooler temperatures while helping you maintain a constant core temperature. This makes VIMMIA X one of the most comfortable garments available to exercise in.

03 Extreme well-being.

The benefits of compression are very well documented. “Squeezing” blood vessels via compression fabrics causes those vessels to open forcefully, which allows more blood and oxygen into the compressed muscle and helps shunt waste. This “in-with-the-good-out-with-the-bad” increases the working muscles’ capacity to produce energy and allows the muscles to perform more effectively and for longer. By creating extra blood flow, wearing compression during, and especially after exercise, helps to expedite the removal of metabolic waste and re-introduces the substances muscles require to rebuild – thus, enhancing recovery.

04 Cosmetic Benefits.*

  • Reduces appearance of cellulite
  • Increases skin smoothness

05 It’s all about the Yarn.

At the core of VIMMIA X is a state of the art smart yarn containing far infrared technology that transforms human body heat into energy which provides both performance and cosmetic benefits. This innovative technology, enhanced with bioactive minerals, increases blood microcirculation ensuring a high level of comfort, and improves the skin’s appearance by reducing skin imperfections leaving the skin more youthful and beautiful.* Since this technology is built into the DNA of the yarn, its properties and benefits remain wash after wash.

06 Vimmia’s Core Fabric Technology Benefits.

Technical and physiological benefits of Vimmia standard fabrics are:

  • Increased blood circulation
  • Improved blood flow and oxygenation to muscles and tissue
  • Increased recovery speed with greater workout efficiency
  • Reduced muscle vibration 4-way stretch for incomparable freedom of movement and comfort in wear
  • Reduces the look of cellulite and skin imperfections with time